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On-Site ScreenPrinting

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On-Site Screenprinting

Whether it's a Baseball All-Star Game, an Outdoor Soccer or Lacrosse Tournament or any kind of Festival, we can print your Event Tees, Sweatshirts and Polos right in front of your customers, LIVE!

Tees screenprinted to order on site at your event!

We will show you how a printed shirt gets done and done right, right on the Event Site! On-site screenprinting always draws a large crowd and sells more shirts and souvenirs...call us today for open dates at 203/483-7172, or email to MarkGermaine@aol.com

Curious crowds love to watch us work!
People like to check out the equipment and watch us work!

Custom screenprinted tee shirts, hot off the presses...cool!
Tee shirts, Polos, Sweaters and more...screenprinted right before
your eyes!
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